Wilderness Canoe

Scotland & Canada Expeditions

Wilderness Canoe are based in Scotland, although our expeditions focus mostly on Canada more particularly Ontario. Wilderness Canoe have been running trips to various locations within Ontario since 2016, and in Scotland since 2003.

Since Covid, we made a return to both Temagami and Algonquin in 2022 with clients.

For Journeys & Expeditions or to discuss developing a Tailor Made experience to meet your specific needs whether it's for camaraderie amongst friends, personal discovery and challenge, or simply finding solace from a world gone mad.

You know you want to!


I have thought about grading Wilderness Canoe trips... Maybe on a scale of:

Ultimately though, the participants mindset, overall resilience, passion for adventure are key on all trips. Because I adjust each trip to suit those on it and because those on it, wish it - every trip is successful in its intentions. To have an Adventure with like minded folks, to return with a story to tell, to wish for more of the same.

So, a grading system is not really neccesary.


Expeditions are based loosely around various trip durations. 10 days, 14 days or longer bespoke trips.

Almost all itineries are more traditional journey's from lake to lake utilising interlinking portage trails. These journey's are as difficult, easy, long or relaxed as you want them to be. Generally all trips will spend time journeing for a few days with either a full rest day or a short day every few days.

Unless the weather is extremely inclement or there is a Fire Ban in force, all cooking is done on open fires. Food is either fresh for the first few days or dehydrated meals specially prepared by the outfitters. There is an option to buy/pack our own food also.

Once you arrive at the outfitters all equipment, permits, food and shuttles are provided in the final costs. Travel to and from the point of entry into Canada and the outfitters plus any associated costs is at the expense of each client.


Expeditions are between 4 and 10 days, or bespoke.

The scottish trips tend to be a bit more challenging overall. Quite often heading into areas that are less frequented by canoeists, involving sea crossings or coastal journey's along committing shorelines, rounding exposed headlands. There is a strong possibility of having to sit out the weather or sea state, even making a route reversal. This is where the adventure though lays.


Costs of each trip are dependent on the location and duration, a typical outfitting cost in Canada is approx CDN$140/person/day - (Equipment, Food). Costs for trips in Scotland & France take into account that participants are self-sufficient in all their requirements. Guiding costs are £250/day/group, this cost is fixed (until 2025), plus ALL Guide expenses (this will be notified to participants) and shared amongst ALL group participants.

Wilderness Canoe aim to be fair in pricing. We want folks to be able to experience places without breaking the bank.

Wilderness Canoe keep external costs to their actual cost to us;
Wilderness Canoe charge a fair rate for our services;
Wilderness Canoe are transparent with any expenses passed onto clients.