Wilderness Canoe

Scotland & Canada Expeditions


For those with a vision to be in wild spaces where reflection, observation of the surrounding world, cooperation in learning and helping each other along the canoeing journey can be experienced. We challenge clients to explore and question their canoeing skills, their knowledge of the world around them, and their relationship to canoeing.

Wilderness Canoe hope to encourage a return to a deeper appreciation of traditional values believing this to be a vital part of true education/experience/exploration, and thus help to nourish the human spirit in an impoverished age. Through this exploration, you will achieve a strong sense of personal accomplishment and growth under our relaxed supervision.

Learn new skills, Experience true nature, Advance to higher levels; no one offers the same diversity and depth.

Wilderness Canoe journeys are contextual, we believe people need to experience activities, nature, wildness and ourselves to reconnect, stay connected and thrive.

Contextual Learning allows for an environment where we can explore our surroundings, gain connection through involvement and multi-sensory feelings; practise skills within context; return to simple pleasures and a slower pace of life. Your experience will be in this fully participatory expedition environment; let us help you achieve your aspirations and dreams.

Wilderness Canoe have now led innumerable trips here in the UK; coached at symposia in the UK, France and Canada; led trips to Norway, Sweden, France and Canada as well as in Scotland.

Matt T has been in this outdoor adventure, education world now for almost 40 years. Working professionally all that time. That world has changed so much over those years for him. After deciding back in about 2007 to begin shaping the direction he was heading in to be more about canoeing and expeditioning, Matt ultimately recognised he had a 'mental health problem' in 2015, this resulted in taking significant time away from the areas of life that were negatively affecting him. This led to Matt deciding to only offer and participate in trips that he would want to do, hopefully others want to also.

There is so much on offer, so many choices, if you want to learn, explore or have fun whether in the UK or elsewhere. Wilderness Canoe offer all of the above in a totally unpressured setting. It's unpressured because each trip is built around those participating - the destination, the outcomes are what we all want, the methodology and intensity in achieving them are what we have all agreed upon.

We think of ourselves as the Canoeists Canoer. Spending time somewhere that we have used the canoe to access, sitting watching the stars or the sunrise, smelling the waft of fresh coffee brewing on the campfire, slowing down, reflecting and relishing the disconnect from your everyday world and the new found connectedness to this world.